Video Keynote: Experimentation in US federal procurement: 30 days or less for an agile team

This is the video of Joshua Seckel talk – ”Experimentation in US federal procurement: 30 days or less for an agile team” – at our conference ”Agile Procurement for Business Agility” in Stockholm. We´re so thankful for Joshuas great contribution and for letting us tape the talk and share it with you here too. Enjoy!

About the talk
Often the federal procurement cycle takes years to complete and often the requirements that were defined at the time the cycle started are outdated by the time a team is starting work. USCIS has executed several experiments in the procurement process to try to get to 30 days or less to awarding a contract. See the results of how these experiments have gone and how they have been applied to much larger DHS wide procurements.

About Joshua
Joshua Seckel has been working as both a contractor and a federal employee to improve federal information technology delivery, including procurement and execution. He has brought innovative ways of evaluating and delivering contracts ranging from several thousand to over a billion dollars. His more than 20 years of experience leading development of software solutions for federal entities at DHS, the US Marine Corps, Air Force, Treasury, and USAIDHe is currently Sevatec’s Chief Solutions Architect for Agile/DevSecOps.

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