Video: Disruptive digitalisation – Åland style – Commission for Digitization of the Åland Islands

This is the video of Victoria Sundberg’s talk – ”Disruptive digitalisation – Åland style” – at our conference ”Agile Procurement for Business Agility” in Stockholm 2018. We´re so thankful for Victorias great contribution and for letting us tape the talk and share it with you here too. Enjoy!

Description of the talk
How do you kickstart the digitization of a society? Learn how Åland hit the ground running with their digitization with clever use of social media and hackathons. This enabled them to turn ideas into working prototypes within a matter of months.

About Victoria
Victoria Sundberg works at Business area manager for Card & Mobile payments at Crosskey Banking Solutions. Crosskey is a company that have a strong record within building and delivering solutions for financial institutions. Crosskey is an agile development company where Victoria has taken a strong leadership within driving the agile implementation. In 2017 Victoria was appointed as chairman of the Commission for Digitization of the Åland Islands, by the government in the Åland Islands. The goal for the commission is to increase the level of digitalization in Åland and to do it at a faster pace than what has earlier been achieved and with new ways of working.

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